All About Sunnyside Sea Farms

Sunnyside Sea Farms is dedicated to the preservation and study of California kelp forests, through education, research and advocacy.

Sunnyside Sea Farms is a Santa Barbara based, privately owned marine botany company. Its mission is to educate people about the importance of the California kelp forests in the marine environment. It is our desire that through learning about kelp, we will all become more aware of the critical need to protect our fragile kelp forest environment.

To obtain our goal through education, we established a marine science learning and resource center. Our learning center offers programs for elementary, middle, secondary, and college students and teachers. The curriculum we offer includes courses in the marine sciences. We offer projects and activities for students and teachers that focus on learning about a kelp forest environment. We have developed several educational products to facilitate learning about kelp for parents and educators.

To obtain our goal through research, Sunnyside is committed to the study of natural kelp beds as well as the study of other seaweeds in our resource center. Sunnyside has a greenhouse equipped with refrigerated, recirculating sea water for land based mariculture. In addition, Sunnyside oversees 17 acres of in-the-sea aquaculture lease sites located in Goleta Bay and off Ellwood, established in 1980 and still growing.

To obtain our goal through advocacy, Sunnyside is in contact with the California Department of Fish & Game, California Coastal Commission and other government regulators and managers. Whenever possible, representatives of Sunnyside attend meetings and promote positions that would improve the kelp environment.

Sunnyside Sea Farms is committed to the responsible development of kelp products. Sunnyside scientists have obtained and developed educational and fun products using kelp. Sunnyside is growing and studying red algae that can be scarce in nature, and contain antiviral substances. Sunnyside participates in local marine-environmental events, festivals, and programs to promote kelp bed awareness and introduce their educational products.