The Sunnyside Sea Farms Team

Bruce W.W. Harger, Ph.D., is a Marine Botanist who has specialized in the study of the growth of the California Kelp and California Kelp forest ecology. His research includes the development of techniques for the growth of seaweeds from which valuable products can be produced or extracted.

Dr. Harger collaborated with world-renowned kelp biologist, Dr. Michael Neushul for over 26 years at the UCSB Marine Science Institute and Neushul Mariculture. Since 1979, Dr. Harger has been responsible for all operations, working on a variety of seaweed research topics. Dr. Harger conducts marine biology mentorships and workshops for elementary, middle, secondary, and college students.

Dr. Harger's continuing commitment to preservation of the dwindling California Kelp forest has inspired the development, through Sunnyside Sea Farms, of algae-based educational products including materials and curriculum.



Devon Harger is the educational coordinator at Sunnyside Sea Farms. Devon grew up playing in the tide pools of Laguna Beach, which was the beginning of her continuing love of marine science. Devon is an integral member of the Sunnyside team. She develops and maintains community outreach programs for children and educators, as well as overseeing the production and delivery of educational materials and resources. Devon is personally dedicated to creating learning experiences that highlight the importance of marine science for schools in the educational community. Devon completed her undergraduate work at the University of California, Santa Barbara.